Waste Water

Waste Water Treatment Technology

With worldwide rising awareness for the protection of our environment, requirements for waste water treatment are increasing, carbon-, nitrogen, and phosporous compounds have to be eliminated to the greatest possible degree. The BIOWORKS® process not only guarantees our client that this target is achieved, it furthermore enables him to do so under low investment and O&M costs. To reach this target, we have several tools at our disposal. In the centre of our activity we are 4 important columns:

  • The BIOWORKS® process, an advanced treatment process with outstanding cleaning results, superior process stability and highest efficiency.

  • The OXIWORKS® aeration with the cleaning- and maintenance system OXIRISE®. Highly efficient and proven aeration technology with long service life, state of technology.

  • The special BIOWORKS® construction type. Embedded modular construction and "smart engineering" result in verifiably lower construction costs, better land utilization and shorter building time as conventional plants.

  • Use of high quality products with meticulous quality control - ISO certified

We, as full system supplier who design and realize the whole process out of one hand, guarantee to our clients the compliance of the effluent values with the most rigid requirements - this provides our customers a high level of security.

Treatment Processes:

  • Activated Sludge

  • Trickling Filters

  • Anaerobic Reactors

  • Wetlands

  • Packaged Reactors

  • Sludge Conditioning and Dewatering