Potable Well Water

Potable Water Treatment Technologies

Drinking water is the most important resource for mankind. In the past, a lot of the available natural reservoirs of industrial nations have been carelessly polluted. Without treatment, many of such resources are no longer suitable for human consumption.

In the emerging countries, the pollution of the available reserves is increasing because of expanding agriculture and industries.

In developing countries, the few available sources are overused because of the population growth - water of minor quality is used as a potable water source.

We focus on the following applied technologies:

  • Treatment of ground water which is highly polluted by Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulphide and polluted surface water.

  • Treatment of surface water which is contaminated by algae, microorganism and suspended matter.

  • Treatment of water which is polluted because of high salinity.

In accordance with our company philosophy, we solve the problems with minimized or zero use of chemicals.

BIOWORKS® offers front-end solutions by implementing the unavoidable by-products of the process and re-use them if possible.

Our BIOWORKS® treatment plants are designed with an environmental-friendly approach. We emphasize on the supply of robust equipment with long service life as well as cost-effectiveness and good land utilization. Our plants are characterized by highest process stability and low maintenance.

Treatment Processes:

  • Coagulation - Flocculation and Sedimentation

  • Disc Filters

  • Nitrification / Denitrification

  • Phosphorus Removal